Dangerous Waste Management

Whats is dangerous waste?

Dangerous waste, known as RP, is waste that poses a risk to our health or to the environment and that has been classified as dangerous waste by the competent authorities. At Yainfe, given the increasing generation of dangerous waste contained in Electrical and Electronic Equipment, due to an industrial economy in constant development, our objective is to treat, eliminate and evaluate this waste, respecting the environment, minimising risks and looking after the health and safety of the ecosystem in which we live.

What we do

Yainfe is an integrated, authorised and certified manager in the treatment and recycling of dangerous waste. We transport and store the waste, we keep an exhaustive control of the traceability of the waste, complying with the applicable environmental legislation and generating all the documentation required by current legislation. The management of dangerous waste has some complications. The waste we have to handle can be harmful to humans just by touching it. Faced with this reality, professionals must act with caution to achieve a safe final treatment. Otherwise, the damage caused to human health and the environment could be high or irreparable.

All waste is managed in accordance with current regulations.


In order to facilitate their treatment, dangerous waste can be classified in different ways according to the regulations we are considering, but a general classification of the main types of RP that we can find is the following:
Dangerous waste is labelled and stored according to its characteristics. If it is possible to dispose of it, the utmost care is taken. A mistake, such as a leak, could have serious consequences. To carry out these processes, qualified professionals with experience in each stage of the process and its treatment are required. Some residues can remain active for decades.
Ultimately, the management of dangerous waste must take into account the characteristics of this waste. A significant part of the maintenance of the environment and the safety of people is in our hands.