Integrated Waste Management

Integrated waste management is understood as the aspects related to the generation, separation and treatment of waste at source, as well as its collection, transfer and transport, treatment, recycling and final disposal by authorised waste managers.

Waste management process

At Yainfe we specialise in the recycling and recovery of metals and cables, electronic material and electrical components such as ferrous scrap, non-ferrous metals, lead batteries, used catalytic converters and electronic components, among others.
Includes the purchase and sale of electronic material and components, after prior classification. Our solid experience as professionals dedicated to this activity allows us to offer you a complete and efficient service, carrying out an integral management of the service you need.

What do we do

Generation and separation

We classify waste according to its components.

Residue recolection

We select the waste that we can treat.

Transfer and transport

We transport the collected waste to our plant.

Waste treatment

They are treated according to their components and typology.

Recycling waste

They are prepared so that they can be used again.

Final disposition

It is sent to authorized managers.

Sustainable development

We could define integrated waste management as a system for the removal and handling of solid waste which, based on the principles of sustainable development, aims to minimise the final production of such waste. In other words, this management aims to recycle and reuse as much of the waste generated as possible so that as little as possible has to be disposed of, and always doing so through actions that cause the minimum impact on the environment and public health.

Stages of integrated waste management


Pollution prevention


Collection and transport


Application of the 3Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle




Final disposal

Yainfe has facilities for the management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

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Waste management regulations

Waste management regulations are different for urban and rural areas, residential and industrial areas and commercial producers. For example, the management of non-hazardous waste from residential areas is generally the responsibility of the local government, while for the same non-hazardous waste from industry, the responsibility lies with the generator of the waste itself. Whatever the area in which you need to remove your waste, at Yainfe we can help you manage it.