Authorised manager
of metallic
and electronic

YAINFE Recycling S.L. is a company dedicated
to and highly specialised in the recycling and
recovery of metals and other non-hazardous
materials, as well as electrical and electronic
equipment and components, through the
purchase and sale of these materials.

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Our Services

In our facilities we offer three different service models depending on the type of waste to be treated.

Integrated Waste Management

In this process, we deal with aspects related to the generation, separation and treatment of waste at source, as well as its collection, transfer and transport, treatment, recycling and final disposal by authorised waste managers.

Why choose us

Who we are

At Yainfe we are dedicated to the storage and classification of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, cables and other non-hazardous materials, as well as the storage, classification and dismantling of waste electrical and electronic equipment, WEEE.

Own facilities

National and International Market

Our solid professional background allows us to offer a complete and efficient service, carrying out an integral management of the service you need.

We are members

We are part of FER

The Spanish Federation of Recovery and Recycling (FER) is the main association of the waste recycling sector, and for more than 35 years it has been defending the interests of waste management companies in different economic, social and environmental fields.

Our Certifications

We have all the legal authorizations and permits, national and international certifications and the strictest controls to offer the highest quality controls to offer the highest quality service and to keep our commitment to the environment intact.