We are a highly qualified team who are passionate about our purpose and our mission.
At YAINFE Recycling, we have more than 15 years of experience in comprehensive and sustainable waste management.

During these years we have achieved a high specialization in the recycling and recovery of metals and other non-hazardous materials, including electrical and electronic equipment and components.

Our company goes beyond being a waste manager, we want to establish ourselves as agents of change, leading the transition to a circular economy. We transform waste into resources for a sustainable future.


to the environmental
sustainability of
our planet.

Our Mission

Provide comprehensive and innovative solutions to transform
waste into valuable resources, forging a sustainable future by
applying circular economy and zero waste criteria.

Our Vision

To become a partner of choice in waste management by applying circular economy
criteria, reducing the extraction of natural resources to preserve the future of our land.
 We envision a planet where every product and material has an extended life cycle, where
reuse and recycling are common practices in all areas and sectors.